It’s time to set a marketing strategy for 2023!

Trust us with annual or semi-annual marketing and we promise you that the revenue of your business will increase!

Why hire us?


Everything in the marketing landscape is constantly evolving and you have to invest on a regular basis to train your people. By hiring us, you can be sure that we are up to date on recent changes and trends.


We know how to look at marketing as a whole to make the best decisions on how to achieve the goal, taking all of the budget into account.


Each marketing channel is getting more and more specialised. When you hire a marketer in a business, you put too many roles on them. One person cannot do the job of writer, designer, advertiser installation and developer. That’s why our marketing agency employs expertise in a variety of areas.

We understand that outsourcing marketing for such a long period of time can be daunting. So that this fear does not become an obstacle to our cooperation, you retain the right to terminate the contract with a month’s notice.

What benefits we offer you


We explore every aspect of your business and through 7 years of experience, we build a marketing strategy that really works and grows the customer base;


100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the result, we will return the money to you;


We promise you a more relaxing sleep and more free time, you rest and we handle the marketing of your company;


Qualified and certified professionals, our team is composed of various specialists in their field.

Statistics of a highly successful advertisement

Taivo Ehitus OÜ



Cost per click


Ad reach

32 087 inimest

The client received so many quotes and work in two weeks that he asked to take down the ad. They had to hire more workers to serve all the customers they wanted.

Who are we?

We offer a full marketing service with one specific goal – to increase your company’s profit!

We work daily for the well-being of corporate customers. We all come from different backgrounds and have different origins, but we all share one goal: to help you sell your product or service. 

Kirsika Maltis
Kirsika Maltis
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"If you need your digital world to come alive, you should rely on the guys from Must Uba." The work will be done with dedication, and there will be no shortage of pleasant communication or humor. 😉"
Maarja Saadik
Maarja Saadik
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"Marketing agency Must Uba—we began working together in the summer because we had no prior experience with marketing agencies, so we quickly understood how professional marketing assistance works."After just a couple of weeks, we were in a position where we had to look for more workers. In any case, a very positive experience with prompt response and consideration! Taivo Ehitus OÜ"
Ekke Lainsalu
Ekke Lainsalu
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"The Black Bean men are a very awesome team. They are full of energy, power, and the desire to create value for the customer. Our cooperation went very well; I praise, recognize, and recommend it. I myself will continue to use their service in the near future."

We make your vision a reality!

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