Marketing agency The Black Bean  – secret weapon of growing your business, clients and sales! 

We are the ones who work daily for the well-being of our clients’ customers. With very different backgrounds, just different origins, but with a very common goal. Constant communication within the team ensures that no aspect of the project gets less attention than the other, and continuous independent coordinated self-development ensures innovative and awesome ideas to achieve YOUR goals.





We are a team of designers, developers and marketers. Our goal is to help start-ups, startups, and even larger businesses grow their online reach with strategic ideas tailored to your needs.

We have gathered a bunch of knowledge from universities, trainings, delivered projects and of course – mistakes we have made. Every customer is like a friend to us, and the greatest happiness that can befall our yard is a long-term, profitable, versatile cooperation with reliable relationships.

Rannar Remmelgas

Phone 54487455

Marec Herman
Creative director

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Daniel Mets
Social Media expert

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Elisabeth Vaarik
Copy Writer

Veronika Latanovskaja
UI/UX Designer

Mariette-Heleen Tamm
Sales Expert


Oliver Bötker
Project Manager

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Tanel Lillemäe
Head of Development

Phone 55506685

Veronika Anushova
Graphics Designer

Phone 58505958

Joonas Väli
SEO Specialist

Phone 56969550

Sten Vassiljev
Deveopment Expert

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